TotallySafe Fly Capture Cartridge


The TotallySafe™ Fly Capture Cartridge™

When you use the cheap fly traps……
The stationary trapping surface of glue boards will become ineffective after a few days. The exposed glue dries out and gets covered with dust, grease and insects. Worst of all, when it’s time to dispose of the insect-covered glue board, someone has to handle the unsanitary mess.

TotallySafe has smartly solved all those problems with our Fly Capture Cartridge™. The cartridge auto-advances, so a fresh adhesive and attractant surface is always presented. As insects become trapped, they are rolled into the receiving end of the cartridge. When it is time to dispose of the cartridge, the trapped insects are contained in the cartridge housing for clean and sanitary handling.

These patented cartridges are included in our TotallySafe Fly Service Plan, and can be used in any of the TotallySafe Fly Control Units.

All of our TotallySafe Fly Control units can also be leased and installed with a monthly maintenance and warranty with a TotallySafe Service Plan. Feel free to call us at 541-728-1035 or email us at for a free inspection and quote.