TotallySafe 4-K9 Cold Pressed Neem Oil Spray For Dogs and Puppies, Quart


TotallySafe 4-K9 is an all natural flea and tick spray especially designed for dogs and puppies. Made from cold pressed neem seed oil, 4-K9 will kill fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes instantly, eggs and larvae too. 4-K9 is for dog and puppy owners that want a powerful flea and tick killing spray without the poisons found in “pet meds“.

TotallySafe 4-K9 is a Ready To Use Flea and Tick Spray Treatment For Dogs & Puppies


Natural Flea and Tick Repellent For Dogs

Not only does this organically potent product offer instant dog flea killing results, it provides your companion canines with long lasting flea, tick and mosquito repellency after each treatment.

TotallySafe 4-K9 will continue to protect your pooch from biting insects for hours without toxic chemicals.TotallySafe 4-K9 is for prudent dog owners that want an aggressive yet non-toxic flea and tick prevention spray.

TotallySafe 4-K9 ingredients

TotallySafe 4-K9 harnesses the ancient botanical power of azadirachtin, nimbin and salannin, from temperature-influenced cold pressed neem seed oil extract. The heavy duty combination of these limonoids coupled with our skin soothing, micro-sized carrier-synergist kills fleas and ticks on contact, and provides extended protection for your pawed pal against external parasites.

Azadirachtin (CAS # 11141-17-6) 19%

Hydrated Silica (CAS # 10279-57-9) 81%

Check out this Video from Fox 30 News !

Dangerous Flea and Tick Investigative report Video

When it comes to your pet’s Flea and Tick Control, You’re The Doctor.

We consider Pet Meds dangerous nerve toxicants. We reject the science that prescribes the introduction of a just shy of lethal dose of nerve toxins into the system of an animal. Spot on pesticides are not “meds”, they are nerve attacking poisons and have no place in modern Animal Health.

Animal lovers and caregivers all over the world have turned to TotallySafe products and services because they stopped listening to their Vet and dropped the dangerous spot drops. You are the Doctor; you know your companion animal, his habits, characteristics and nature. Knowing and observing your pet will go a long way in the establishment of a treatment protocol. Order your TotallySafe organic pet care products today!


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