TotallySafe Bird Misting Machine

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TotallySafe Bird Repellent Machine


Product description

TotallySafe Bird Repellent unit creates an invisible bird free zone of up to 5,000 square feet per machine using our patented dry vapor technology. The solution is FDA, EPA and USDA approved while safe to both humans & birds. One quart of grape scented bird control solution is converted into one month’s supply of ultra-small particle bird control vapor. The units require minimal interaction and will run automatically for optimal efficacy. TotallySafe systems are rugged – designed specifically for outdoor environments. The TotallySafe Bird Repellent Unit is an easy, affordable, effective solution to rid you of pest bird problems. Effective on crows, pigeons, grackles, starlings, sparrows and other pest birds that fly. GREAT FOR REPELLING PEST BIRDS FROM: Garage/Shop Areas Stairwells Attic Spaces Under Awnings Covered Pavilion Dining Areas Patio Areas And More… Must use only with our EcoBird bird repellent fluid. Not Included.