TotallySafe can apply our products virtually anywhere, on any surface, in any environment, to eliminate any unwanted insect. No chemical pest control company can say or do that. TotallySafe can solve pest problems safely and effectively, in a medical, industrial, or any food related facility, in your home and in your business- and we’ve done this for years in the USA and Internationally.


The TotallySafe™ Dispensing Brush Kit comes with everything you need to begin a completely natural agenda of non-toxic flea and tick control. 50 stainless steel rolling ball tip bristles deliver any of our natural flea killing solutions directly to the animals’ skin without waste, mess and without poisons.

TotallySafe Rodent Monitoring device communicates to your phone!


The world’s only Pest Monitoring System that will alert you if a Rodent enters your home or facility! When a rodent eats the bait, the attached device will notify you and send a signal to your phone. You’ll know exactly where they have entered the premises- and TotallySafe can then address and solve your rodent issue quickly.

TotallySafe provides patented natural, organic and effective rodent baits, sprays, and patent pending electronic signaling monitoring devices that eliminate and keep rodents from entering your home or business! Eliminate Rodents using non-toxic and effective methods that cause no secondary harm to other animals, humans, or the environment!


The most effective, safe, and non toxic fly and mosquito control for Residential, Commercial, Medical and Food related applications.


EcoBird 14.5 is formulated with an organic bonding agent built in. I t will chemically bond the Methyl Anthranilate to the carrier material so that  is 100% coalesced. The bonding agent then acts with the surface it is being applied to and bonds more efficiently .EcoBird 14.5% activates and works in two ways- both as a scent and taste bird repellent.

EcoBird 14.5 is also more resistant to rain after application, eliminating the need for constant weekly respraying. Both EcoBird 4.0 and EcoBird 14.5 are EPA Registered, FDA approved, and USDA endorsed product that repel
pest birds . They are patented non toxic, people and animal friendly bird repellents that work.
EcoBird 4.0 and EcoBird 14.5 are unique eco friendly bird control products that blend in to integrated pest management programs for bird control, flexibly depending on the scope of the project at hand. Cost effective
and efficient when used in the proper delivery systems for the right exclusion tasks.

The TotallySafe Bird Repellent Kit

Proven, Effective and TotallySafe Bird Control

A pigeon is a nice looking bird to see walking in the streets, parks and public parks and gathering seeds or crumbs. However, when she searches for a nesting place in your laundry, on the roof of the house or on the windowsill, it is less pleasant. Not only is the nesting of the dove close to your window unpleasant, it can cause quite a bit of damage. The nesting materials can clog the gutters- the pigeon’s droppings carry bacteria and pests that can transmit diseases. The bird droppings are also acidic and causes damage to metals. The pigeon’s body serves as a house of lice, fleas or fleas that may move into your bedding … all these have led to the search for methods to remove pigeons- at TotallySafe, we deter Birds without harming them- and we keep them away.

The TotallySafe Bird Repellent Kit causes the removal of pigeons using a light electric shock. The TotallySafe Bird Repellent Kit consists of a transparent adhesive tape with aluminum strips embedded inside. The tape is connected to a power supply and it is plugged in. When the pigeon lands on the tape, it closes the circuit and receives a light current that does NOT harm Bird- but merely causes it discomfort and discourage it from returning to the premises.  The TotallySafe Bird Repellent Kit is resistant to weather conditions and can stick to any surface, whether it is a tiled roof, steel, stone, marble or wood. The TotallySafe Bird Repellent Kit combines long-term results with an affordable, humane and non-harm bird repellent-using no poisons or traps. You can install it yourself, or if you choose, TotallySafe can install it for you- you now have a choice!

The TotallySafe difference in Pest Control

All insects breathe through their bodies. When they are exposed to the fumes of our proprietary products-they are quickly overwhelmed and their mental faculties are impaired. There is no attack on the nervous system- rather our products affect the insects’ breathing system. Also, the essential oils in our formulations plug up the exoskeleton of the insect, causing the insect to further suffocate and become lethargic, and eventually die.

With typical restricted chemical pest control methods, the chemical attacks the insects’ nervous system. Chemical Pest Control companies today all use the following main ingredients with the products they apply: Abamectin, Fipronil, Hydramenthylnon, and Sulfuramid- all toxic not only to pests, but humans as well.

The restricted chemicals traditionally used by most pest control companies are a formulated, man-made nerve agent. It also is harmful against humans and animals’ nervous system- that is why there are laws in place for specific dosages in application- because of the DANGER of these chemicals to humans, animals and the environment.

The end result is the same- unwanted insects are eliminated- the difference is the safety and effectiveness TotallySafe’s products and services to the applicator, the customer and the environment.
You can ask virtually anyone this question- “Do you think that the product or service you are getting now, either from the store or from the typical pest control company is completely safe?”
The answer will undoubtedly be “NO”.
So, then, why do consumers take the typical pest control product or service?- because they think there is no other option, that’s why, plain and simple.
How many more people have to die because of harmful chemical pest control products and services being offered?

What does “eco-friendly” really mean? It means nothing, it’s a “buzz” word– either it’s safe or it’s not safe.
So why is TotallySafe different?
The products are natural and organic, with no synthetic compound ingredients, no harmful chemicals, no nerve agent ingredients, no health side effects, no allergies, or danger to children, animals and pets.
TotallySafe can apply our products virtually anywhere, on any surface, in any environment, to eliminate any unwanted insect. No chemical pest control company can say or do that. TotallySafe can solve pest problems safely and effectively, in a medical, industrial, or any food related facility, in your home and in your business- and we’ve done this for years in the USA.

If organic products are so good, why aren’t the chemical companies using it?
Chemicals are a multi-billion-dollar industry. Big Chemical companies offer their chemicals in bulk- often handcuffing the companies’ hands under contract, so they can’t buy anything else.
The Pest control company is now a slave under the systematic control of the chemical company- and they cannot change their business model very easily. The typical formulation is a 2% chemical mixed with water- that’s it. Rules and Regulations are created to try to make a harmful chemical safer- but the chemicals, along with human error and negligence, cause harmful and sometimes fatal incidents- lawsuits- deaths- illnesses and liability put upon establishments.
The Pest Control industry is in dire need of change, and TotallySafe will lead the way.

TotallySafe Exclusive Products and Services

TotallySafe chooses its’ own products to provide natural, organic and effective products and service to the client with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Organic Pest Control™ Sprays you can use safely anywhere
Our Go Organic Insect Spray® is an all-natural way to control pests and is made with natural botanical extracts for the elimination and control of insects.

Customers will be able to purchase our products online and delivered to their door, and have access to our online videos so they can use our products effectively. No other pest control company will sell their products to the general public, and most certainly these same companies won’t show the customer on how to use their products- that would take away their need to charge the customer for service in the first place!

TotallySafe Pest Products are 100% Natural.
TotallySafe™ – all our products are natural, safe, and effective.

TotallySafe “Top Ten” List of Products and Services

TotallySafe ™Pest Control Products and Services
TotallySafe™ Rodent Control Products and Services
TotallySafe™ Fly Control Products and Services
TotallySafe™ Fine Leather and Upholstery Cleaning Services
TotallySafe™ Disinfection Products and Services
TotallySafe ™Bird Control Products and Services
TotallySafe ™ Go Organic™  ready to use Pest sprays
TotallySafe ™ Bed Bug Elimination Products and Services
TotallySafe ™Essential Oil Dry Vapor Odor Elimination Services
TotallySafe ™Unique Environmental Cleaners and Degreasers

TotallySafe provides 21st Century bio-engineered solutions to provide 100% nontoxic bed bug elimination and prevention products.

Independent field trials show that bed bugs are eliminated in one treatment.  The leave behind kill formula means only ONE treatment and bed bugs are GONE and remain gone for 12 months.   Rooms back in service the same day.

100 % Non Toxic
No Odor
Won’t Stain
Don’t throw furnishings away.
One Treatment … and done.

OR Save Time and Money, avoid liability by treating for prevention.  Independent field trials Certified by the American Academy of Entomological Sciences shows proper treatment prevents bed bug infestation for up to ONE year.