TotallySafe Organic Pest Control, Shoreline, WA

TotallySafe is the USA’s completely NON TOXIC and ORGANIC Environmental Products and Services Company.


The TotallySafe Advantage

The TotallySafe difference in Pest Control

All insects breathe through their bodies. When they are exposed to the fumes of our proprietary products-they are quickly overwhelmed and their mental faculties are impaired. There is no attack on the nervous system- rather our products affect the insects’ breathing system. Also, the essential oils in our formulations plug up the exoskeleton of the insect, causing the insect to further suffocate and become lethargic, and eventually die. This is achieved without harming the environment, people or animals.

The restricted chemicals traditionally used by most pest control companies are a formulated, man-made nerve agent. It also is harmful against humans and animals’ nervous system- that is why there are laws in place for specific dosages in application- because of the DANGER of these chemicals to humans, animals and the environment.

Global Community Awareness

Information continues to educate and inform the general public of the dangers and health risks of harmful chemicals being used. People are now searching more each day for not only safer, but more effective organic and natural products and services for the home and business. TotallySafe, Scottsdale AZ & Seattle, WA., will be the pioneer in providing organic and non-toxic products and services, and the public will look to us for answers.

Our Mission

We aim to lead the organic revolution worldwide by example. We vow to  research and develop the very best in organic based solutions. We will  strive to be the vanguard of innovative natural and safe solutions to rid the world of harmful chemicals where we live, work, eat, sleep and  play.

Our History

Organic Pest Control,LLC, has been doing business as TotallySafe since 2006, also forming Global Organic Distribution, LLC worldwide to provide the finest and most effective organic, natural and non toxic solutions to air and surface quality, as well as providing exclusive  organic products and services.

Our Company

TotallySafe is a Limited Liability Corporation. Mr. David Saggio, Founder and CEO,  has over 20 years of real world experience developing organic solutions. The focus of the company and founder’s endeavors has been devoted to researching and applying natural and effective alternative solutions to the harmful toxic chemicals used in the world today.

TotallySafe PureAir

We offer you what we use.

Most Service companies you will invite to your home or business will provide the services you requested, and charge you accordingly. They will use whatever products they have chosen for you.

But what happens if you ask them if you can purchase their products, let alone ask them what the ingredients are? What if you ask them if you can do it yourself? The answer from them is usually

 “no, that’s not what we do”. 

So, you go online and research the internet on products you could use, only to find out you need to know how to actually PERFORM the service that needs to be done to solve the issue.

TotallySafe understands this, and this is why we have our own products that you can purchase- and we actually show you how to do it! Simply purchase the product(s) you desire on our TotallySafe online store, have it delivered to your door, and a TotallySafe organic consultant will come to you and assist you in using the products, and suggest any other remedies to solve the issue you may have.